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Wrong cast between const uint and uint

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I've successfully registered all methods of my class.
Here is one of them.
void addNode(Node* node, const Point& pos);void addNode(Node* node, int x = 0, int y = 0);....r |= ase->RegisterObjectMethod(name, "void addNode(Node@, int, int)", asMETHODPR(T, addNode, (Node*, int, int), void), asCALL_THISCALL);IwAssert(SCRIPT, r >= 0);
when I'm trying to invoke this method in my angel code I get the following error:
*** ERROR:
No matching signatures to 'cScene::addNode(Texture@&, const uint, const uint)'
Candidates are:
void cScene::addNode(Node@, const Point&in)
void cScene::addNode(Node@, int, int)

Here is that angel code:
void onReset(){       Texture@ tex = ResManager.getTexture("back", "options");        Scene.addNode(tex, 320, 0);}
Why 320 and 0 are treated as const uint when I assume that they actually are int ?

PS. Just after posting this topic I've found my stupid mistake ). Texture@ cannot be casted to Node@. The shame on my head.
Excuse me, please, and delete this topic at all! Edited by Papirosnik

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