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2D side scroller with reprogrammable enemies.

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Syerjchep    212

Just a little side scroller I made, where you can disable your enemies and reprogram their AI to make them fight for you.


Here's a fairly old video showing you the game play itself:

(doesn't show the menu screen or any other parts of the program)


It comes with a level editor, so you can make your own levels, or edit the ones it comes with.

The actual game controls are explained, but as for the level editor, here are the controls:

  • Up and down arrow select tile type. (check upper right cornor to see selection)
  • Right and left arrows pan camera.
  • Left click to add/change tile. (or select something no the menu)
  • Right click to bring up menu.
  • Escape to go to options menu as always.


Download Links:           (windows)      (debian/ubuntu)


Obviously this game needs some actual sprites, the stick figures are just placeholders.

Perhapes I could have put this in help wanted, but well, if anyone wants to make a character sprite (or anything else, really, seeing as even the music is just placeholder), let me know.

Because this game is still in early development.

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