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New Unionline topic

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I just renew the old topic and still recieve the opinions, ideas, and questions. 


The basic notes about the Unionline:


The world: combination of space and fantasy enviroment with 20 classical fantasy races (human, elf, dwarf, goblin, orc, troll, kobold, ogre, dragon, imp, etc.) in a sci-fi world

The genre: basically a 2D real time action platform which contains rpg, adventure, exploring, trading, economic, governing, and social elements to attract different types of players who can find diverse challanges in the game

Main screen: a real huge highly zoomable 2D real time surface, a realistic virtual sun-system with natural scale terrestrial planets and gas giants, and there are roughly 100 similar sun-systems to conquer and rule by players

Economic module: based on 5 types of building materials (light gases, metallic matter, organic matter, fissile matter, and noble gases) mined by planets or moons, 3 types of manufactured units (spaceships, spaceship upgrades, and space stations), and 3 types of virtual cash (cosmic coin, dark matter, dark energy)

Spaceships and stations: every race has its own unique ships in 4 type (explorer, fighter, cargo, and science) and 3 tier level with 4 types of upgrades (weapons, shields, engines, and special), and there are 4 type of space stations (miner, manufacturer, defensive, and colonial)

Social module: There are 5 faction for 20 races with different political system and players can vote monthly their leaders who control the planets, govern the sun-systems, and rule the space empires and manage its economy and army, also there are chat and forum modules to organize the community


The advanced notes about the galaxy map, sun-system map, interfaces, economic system, and game concept:



The image gallery of the high definition planets:



And the project post where we looking for new collaborators:



Thanks for read this!

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