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Vector Shooter 2D Top-View Arena game

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Lately i've been working on Vector-Shooter. As the title states it is a 2D top-view arena game, the idea of the game is to provide the player a funny 2d action experience, but unfortunately it turned out to be more a tech demo than a real game, for now i'll be releasing the binaries only, will update the source code later. This because i'm currently rewriting parts of the code that are not well written.
I tried to experiment with a lot of design techniques and algorithms, in fact the game "features" : 
> Goal-Based AI (with pseudo-equations to determine the different state values )
> Multiple pathfinding algorithms ( A*, Dijkstra  )for different purposes.
> Lua integration
> XML loading
> XBox360 controller support
> Game states
& more language specific features
The game technically is almost completed, the big features that are missing are :
> Sound ( i've already written the c++ wrapper for OpenAL and the Engine ), i'm only looking for some music and sound effects
> Graphics ( i'm not really a graphic guy, the assets are 90% made by me, i'll try to replace it as soon as i can.
What i'm working on : 
> Port all XML files to LUA
> Polish gameplay, weapons
> Create more maps
> Fix bugs
DISCLAIMER : "The credit menu button IT'S working, but there is nothing to display" 
Controls : 
ENTER - BACKSPACE - ARROW KEYS : navigate the menu 
ESC : pause the game
WASD : move in the arena
Q - E : switch weapon ( will add number support soon ) 
Left-mouse click : shoot
There are different game modes : 
Night Mode - Day Mode
Different difficulties 
Time limit
Kill limit
The gameplay is what really needs to be polished. 
The project has been compiled using VC++11 ( Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 compiler ) on Windows 7 64-bit.
The game will never ( for now ) run on non-windows platforms because of the XBox 360 controller support.
Download links : 
All the credits for the arts are included in each folder.
VS-0.7-MSVS2012-update1.zip > 0.7 version compiled with 2012.1 version of MSVS 2012, in this way it should work on Windows XP.
Here are some screenshoots :

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