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Crysis 3 Trailer - Sound Design Demo

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nsmadsen    5578

Overall, a fantastic job!! A few (tiny) nitpicks just to really bring it to that next level:


*Around 00:48 - Could the scream be a bit louder? Not much but a bit more presence would help it be more disconcerting in my opinion.


*Around 00:50 - I wish the water sound increased more to allow for the water fall. You did such a good job creating atmosphere up to this point that not having that growth in water sounds broke the illusion for me.


*Around 1:19 - I'm not hearing any flame whoosh sounds here to compliment those cool visuals.


You've displayed some great attention to detail here which makes me wonder why other elements go completely untreated... at least from what I've heard.


There are some REALLY cool sounds here man! But what I feel the trailer lacks is a progression. Something to tie all of your sounds together. This is especially true because so much of the trailer is isolate, quick-hit visuals that I think an undercurrent of sound design (think of it almost like harmony backing up your melodies) and crescendoing to a specific point in the trailer would really help. Right now the pacing is - sound - silence - sound - silence (and so on). What's there is GREAT but now begin to polish it and push the production to create even more of a narrative.


I get that during the cuts to black you want silence and that makes sense but perhaps even some reverb tails linger over could help (in the later section). I've watched the trailer three times now and each time I pick something else up - that's really good. Please take my criticism with a grain of salt. It's just one guy's opinion. smile.png


Thanks for sharing!



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dakota.potts    455
Awesome. I'm selling my microphones and giving up sound design after seeing this ;)

I do agree with Nate, something seems to be missing. Some percussive elements along with general synth pad or other ambience would really help. Honestly, though, it feels like it needs either music or a narrative. Having people yelling or talking would really fill in the gap, as it feels like your audio is more of a backing track of sorts. It just feels like it's giving way for something over top of it.

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Kristoff K.    207
Now that's some top tier sound design!
I don't agree with the opinion that this should have some form of crescendo. That's mostly the soundtrack's role. The trailer composition is as it is - there's no real climax moment there, so I didn't expect any building up.

However, I do agree with nsmadsen in terms of lingering reverb tails. Also, a big bottom low frequency droning could greatly enhance the overall impression.
Well ok, maybe not droning exactly. What I mean, is that, apart from making longer reverb tails, a boost in sub low freqs would make it even more appealing (but don't boost anything below 30hz).

Then again, like with almost everything... apply that with moderation.

Kristoff K. Edited by Kristoff K.

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