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EGL Frame buffer config only once per application context?

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chris_01    129

I've implemented an Extension precheck for my OpenGL ES 2.x application. To perform this I create a dummy window, with valid EGLConfig Frame buffer configuration, EGLSurface and EGLContext. After successfully extension precheck I destroy this window and try to create a new one. During destroy I successfully destroy and release the EGLContext and EGLWindowSurface.


The creation of the second window fails. If I try to create the EGLWindowSurface for this 2nd window I always get an EGL_BAD_CONFIG failure when I call eglCreateWindowSurface.


I've figured out that this failure doesn't occur if I reuse my EGLConfig frame buffer configuration instead of creating a new one on window initialization. Is it not possible to use multiple frame buffer configurations per application context?


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