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Requesting ideas for (Names, spell types, spell effects ...)

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BaneTrapper    1531


When i think of some great RPGs, what made them great are some cool names, great sound tracks, OOO(out of ordinary) abilities, bad ass people etc, character development...

Quick examples:
1: Baldur's gate 2 : Minsc and boo character. A ranger berserker with a hamster.
2: Monster den chronicles : Randomized map with randomized mob spawn, secret rooms that you most be visual to find.
3: Wc3 map named "The gaias retaliation" it had gr8 soundtracks(I know they where STOLEN) and very good spell mechanic.

Am thinking to make a big list of spell and characters, but i lack imagination after i made few so i want ideas from other people, so could you give your ideas on these 7+1 subjest
1:Characters (Unique character).
2:Character names.
3:Spell types / effects.
4:Spell names.
6:Level ideas (House in sky inhabited by unicorns)
7:Images you made and nobody likes them sad.png
+1:Anything possible to trow intro game


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BaneTrapper    1531
Try this. Fantasy Name generator.


Also speaking personally, making up names (even real world names) is one of the most difficult things in writing. It's a tall order to expect to crowd source this one, but good luck all the same!

That is an awesome name generator, thanks for sharing.



This is not a game programming question. There is a Game Design forum that this should probably be moved to.


I was unsure where to post this, i hope admin can move it cause i don't know how.

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