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Languages for Image Files

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I have a little project that I will be starting sometime soon.



The application will display image files (rasterized - not windows) of more common types and be able to "script" them so the user makes a selection of the next image by a computer screen displayed UI which gives information on the current image.  The choices would be at least two selections related to the current image being shown ( not necessarily past images or selections ), resulting in going to the image selected. (The next image selection will not be displayed with the current image but only a text choice selected.) Obviously the UI would remain displayed from image to image.


I want it to be OS cross-platform, specifically Windows, OS, and Linux but maybe others.  The application will be installed as a compiled, executed program.





Can you give me languages which would best handle image files (efficient image loading function) and UI functionality in an application for OS cross-platform?


If you give a short list of languages, then please order them in priority of what you prefer - one, two, three.


Thanks for any help. 

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I'm not real clear on your description but it sounds like you want to make a cross-platform GUI application that displays images on the screen in some user dependent way. So you need GUI and images. There are image libraries and GUI application frameworks for just about any language you care to name so pick what you like.


If I were doing this I'd use C++ with Qt. I believe Qt has image reading capabilties out of the box so I don't think you need to use ImageMagick or anything like that.

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