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Boost with NetBeans under Win (+GLFW question)

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Aliii    1456
I want to make an OpenGL app that is cross-platform. I thought Im gonna use GLFW.
Since GLFW doesnt support file management I need something else for that, so I thought Im gonna use Boost.
I downloaded Boost but I couldnt compile it ...tutorials are for VisualStudio/Win and Linux and Im using NetBeans and Win.
Maybe its easier than I think thats why I couldn do it:) Can anybody help with that?

+Is GLFW (and Boost) a good choice for what I want? I need to create the GL window(normal/fullscreen), input handling, I need to open files and directories, get the system time .....thats all I think.
Thanks! Edited by Aliii

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Nercury    812

There are many questions in one.


1. On windows, you use VisualStudio/WindowsSDK compiler (MSVC) or MINGW. You can set up NetBeans to do that. I suggest using MSVC.

2. You compile boost and other libraries with your compiler, not with your IDE :)


(I can't answer about GLFW)

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