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Winform w/ XNA viewport: disable input in viewport?

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I'm writing a basic 2D tilemap editor for a hobby-level game, and while the game itself is going fairly well, I'm having some trouble with the Winform aspect (which is why I'm posting this in general programming rather than the game programming board).


The problem I'm having is that the picturebox which displays the XNA output (the map that's being edited) registers mouse clicks even when there's another window in front of it (for example, clicking OK on a save dialog box will edit whatever tile is behind it). I thought I'd fixed it with the marked addition below, but that just introduced a more confusing bug (it didn't seem like a particularly clean solution anyway, so I'm not surprised).

protected override void Update(GameTime gameTime)

        Camera.Position = new Vector2(hscroll.Value, vscroll.Value);

        MouseState ms = Mouse.GetState();

        if ((ms.X > 0) && (ms.Y > 0) &&
            (ms.X < Camera.ViewPortWidth) &&
            (ms.Y < Camera.ViewPortHeight))
            Vector2 mouseLoc = Camera.ScreenToWorld(
                new Vector2(ms.X, ms.Y));

            if (Camera.WorldRectangle.Contains(
                (int)mouseLoc.X, (int)mouseLoc.Y) **&& pictureBox.Capture**) //<--
                if (ms.LeftButton == ButtonState.Pressed)

Now it no longer edits the map through save/load dialogs, but instead refuses to acknowledge right clicks nine times out of ten--until the window is minimized and restored. After that it works exactly as expected. Anyone have any ideas? MSDN was less than helpful.

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I have had the same problem in the past. I just suspended my game loop when I opened a modal dialog.


If your problem is that your other windows are modeless (i.e. like floating toolboxes) you need to check their bounds first in your loop, and only process the mouse if it is not in another window bounds, essentially mimicing what Windows does itself when raising mouse messages.

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I have had the same problem in the past. I just suspended my game loop when I opened a modal dialog.


This is my first winform project, and I'm having trouble figuring out how to do that. I tried having the save/load menu items' on-click methods disable the pirctureBox and enable it again when the dialogue is closed, but apparently, contrary to the method name, saveFileDialog1_FileOk runs its code before the ok button is clicked, re-enabling the pictureBox immediately.


I read a post on msdn suggesting the problem is using the XNA input methods rather than the generic windows ones, which apparently check for this kind of thing already. I've been working on it, but c#/winform input handling is completely new to me and it's slow going. Seems completely different from the java application programming I've done in the past.


UPDATE: Fixed it.


I reworked the code to use the Windows.Forms mouse event methods rather than XNA's input methods, and that solved the click-through problem. Just had to use PointToClient and set up offset values (i.e., int offset = myPictureBox.Location.X) to subtract from my mouse coordinates.

Here's the relevant code, for anyone who stumbles upon this problem in the future:

public MapEditor() 

    this.pctSurface.MouseDown += new MouseEventHandler(pctSurface_Click); 

    pctSurface_xOffset = pctSurface.Location.X; //private instance variables 
    pctSurface_yOffset = pctSurface.Location.Y; 
//on click 
private void pctSurface_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) 
    //convert from screen coordinates to game world coordinates
    Vector2 mouseLoc = Camera.ScreenToWorld( new Vector2(
                                            PointToClient(MousePosition).X - pctSurface_xOffset, 
                                            PointToClient(MousePosition).Y - pctSurface_yOffset)); 
    switch (MouseButtons)
        case System.Windows.Forms.MouseButtons.Left: 
        //whatever you need left clicks to do 


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