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Poigahn    598

Your TL/PM does not need to be a highly qualified programmer.  This person should be someone with excellent communication and organizational skills.  They should be a person with integrety, one who can delicate authority and accept that responsibillity.  Physical location is questionable on all your positions.  With Internet access, utilities like Skype, an office meeting is only a computer away.

  Starting salaries are always negotiable,  Keep in mind you are a startup and immenant failure is all but certain.  Plus the fact that you first game most likely will not be a success, (all part of the learning curve)

  Multi national team would broaden internation perspective, thus increasing your chance of success.  Again with the internet, we are closer than we think.  If shaking a person's hand is important, then keep your people close.  However, if you are a germaphobic ?


Good Luck

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frob    44904
One game is not a business plan. You need a real business plan.

For your first several games (you need more than one) you need to have done your market research to know your audience. What will differentiate you from your competition? How will you stand out from all the other games out there? How and when do you intend to become profitable? How will you mitigate risk?

Once you have a business plan you will be able to easily answer most of those questions you asked.

As for hiring a management person, the safest way to do is to hire somebody who has already done it elsewhere. This is also the most expensive way to do it. Either pick up a lead who has been laid off, or headhunt for one. If instead you are willing to take a risk, go hire someone who has experience but not as a lead. They will have experience in the industry but not have leadership experience. Alternatively you can get someone with leadership experience but not industry experience. For a technical position you would prefer industry experience, for a people-person you would prefer leadership experience.

As for pay, that is always negotiable.

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Greg Quinn    151

My company is South African based but I'm moving to New Zealand around March and looking for investors to setup my company there.


My company has worked on 5 published smallish game titles for various client, and we're about to release our first in-house full-blown PC title, perhaps you can chat nicely to your investors and we can get something going together in Auckland :)
My company has a very well thought out game-development roadmap with some exciting upcoming titles. 

How did you find the investors by the way?

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