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Shader Compile Error Question

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I have my fragment shader here, but when compiling I get an error: ERROR: 0:30: error(#132) Syntax error: '_light' parse error

It is most likely something silly I just need a second set of eyes is my guess.


#version 330 core

struct Attenuation
    int constant;
    int linear;
    int exponential;

struct BaseLight
	vec4 colour;
    float ambientIntensity;
    float diffuseIntensity;  

struct DirectionalLight 
    BaseLight base;
    vec3 direction;        

struct PointLight
	BaseLight base;  
    vec3 position;
	Attenuation attenuation;

//Line 30 below
vec3 CalcLightInternal(struct BaseLight _light, vec3 _lightDirection, vec3 _normal);
vec3 CalcDirectionalLight(vec3 _normal);
vec3 CalcPointLight(int _index, vec3 _normal);

const int MAX_POINT_LIGHTS = 5;

in vec2 uv0;
in vec3 normal0;
in vec3 worldPos0;

out vec3 finalColor;

uniform DirectionalLight directionalLight;
uniform PointLight pointLights[MAX_POINT_LIGHTS];

uniform int numPointLights;

uniform int lightingEnabled;

uniform vec3 cameraEyeWorldPosition;

uniform float specularIntensity;
uniform float specularPower;

uniform sampler2D diffusetexture;

void main()
	vec3 MaterialDiffuseColor = texture2D(diffusetexture, uv0).rgb;

	vec3 Normal = normalize(normal0);

	if(lightingEnabled == 1)
		vec3 TotalLight = CalcDirectionalLight(Normal);

		for (int i = 0; i < numPointLights; i++)
			TotalLight += CalcPointLight(i, Normal);

		finalColor = MaterialDiffuseColor * TotalLight;
		finalColor = MaterialDiffuseColor;

vec3 CalcLightInternal(struct BaseLight _light, vec3 _lightDirection, vec3 _normal)
	vec3 AmbientColor = _light.colour * _light.ambientIntensity;

	float DiffuseFactor = dot(normalize(_normal), _lightDirection);

	vec3 DiffuseColor = vec3(0, 0, 0);
	vec3 SpecularColor  = vec3(0, 0, 0);

	if (DiffuseFactor > 0) 
        DiffuseColor = _light.colour * _light.diffuseIntensity * DiffuseFactor;

		vec3 VertexToEye = normalize(cameraEyeWorldPosition - worldPos0);
		vec3 LightReflect = normalize(reflect(_lightDirection, Normal));
		float SpecularFactor = dot(VertexToEye, LightReflect);
		SpecularFactor = pow(SpecularFactor, specularPower);

		if (SpecularFactor > 0) 
			SpecularColor = _light.colour * specularIntensity * SpecularFactor;

	return (AmbientColor + DiffuseColor + SpecularColor);

vec3 CalcDirectionalLight(vec3 _normal)
    return CalcLightInternal(directionalLight.base, directionalLight.direction, _normal);

vec3 CalcPointLight(int _index, vec3 _normal)
    vec3 LightDirection = WorldPos0 - pointLights[_index].position;
    float Distance = length(LightDirection);
    LightDirection = normalize(LightDirection);

    vec4 Color = CalcLightInternal(pointLights[Index].base, LightDirection, _normal);
    float Attenuation =  pointLights[_index].attenuation.constant +
                         pointLights[_index].attenuation.linear * Distance +
                         pointLights[_index].attenuation.exponential * Distance * Distance; 

    return Color / Attenuation;



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