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Virtual Console OS Development

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TheScriptan    208

Hey. For past two days i was learning c#! And here is my result. Virtual Console OS. VCOS concept is that all the programs i create will be in this program. Those mini programs are called subprograms. That's why i named this project VCOS(Virtual Console Operating System). For now the version of this project is 0.01. By the way source code will be released when we will reach version 0.10 smile.png

Features of 0.01v:
                 - Calculator (Original Idea of Calculator)
                 - Guess The Number (First Game OF VCOS tongue.png)
                 - Interactive Menu
TODO list:
          - Finish Option tab
          - Make more games and programs
          - Create More Color
          - Create Command Line (From there you can open all programs, games, folders)
          - Fix bug when you write string into calculator.

  [Download Link]: http://www.mediafire...9iqb46rhb4zqcmi
  [My Blog]: (In this blog i will be posting my activities, programming and of course my releases.)

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TheScriptan    208

Finally 0.01a version!!!

Here's what i made for now:


- Added Command Line
- Added Option Label
- Added Decide Or Die Game (Demo)


          - Make file settings.dat and store all settings in there
          - Complete game "Decide Or Die"
          - Make more things in option
          - Create new programs and games
          - Fix some bugs
          - Add some more colors

Download link:

My Blog:

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