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Kk1496    456

I just started learning c++ and am planning to work my way up to making my own game engine. I was wondering if c++ is the only language i will need. I was planning to learn lua later too. I have been hearing a lot about SFML is that simething i will need.


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frob    44904
You can make games in just about any language. C++ has a sharp learning curve, but many games are written in it. Java, C#, Python, and other languages have proven to be viable for making games.

You will likely end up using multiple languages, but that is more a function of convenience than necessity. Some tasks that may take tens of lines or hundreds of lines in one language can sometimes be done with a few simple commands in a different language. Learn things like shell scripts, python, and perl, and in the process you will discover just how cumbersome languages like C++ really are. Efficient, yes, but cumbersome.

Skilled programmers will end up learning many languages over their career.

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