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Introduction - Neutrient

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neutrient    118

Hey! I am new here and figured since my goal is networking with fellow musicians as well as game developers who may have helpful tips and feedback, or may be looking for musicians to work with etc, it would be good to introduce myself. I didn't see a forum dedicated to this so decided to post it here.


I have been making music since 1995. I began with a 4 track tape recorder and bass guitar and some effects pedals. I bought an Ensoniq EPS and began making gabber techno then drum and bass. Later I moved my work to the computer. Now my studio resides entirely on my desktop computer. All of my instruments are VSTs and all my samples are collected from various sources online.


Currently I create Dub/Reggae, Electronic Ska, Dubstep, Dark Drum and Bass, Complextro, Moombahton, Hardstep, Trip-Hop, Experimental/Ambient - whatever I feel inspired to make. I am currently 100% studio, I'm not playing live shows but will be doing so later this year.


I have created some music and sound effects for a video game project that I will link to when it is completed. At this time I am the sole 'music guy' on the project. I am also working on background music for some DVDs that will be mass produced and sold.



You can check out some of my work on soundcloud:


I look forward to getting to know you all and thanks so much for allowing me to become a part of your community!


- Norman

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nsmadsen    5578

Hey Norman,


Welcome! If you just want to introduce yourself in this forum and get feedback on your work - that's completely fine. But I'd need to ask you to remove the portions that relate to getting work. The section to post advertisements for landing work is in the Classifieds section. The Music and Sound forum is for discussion and sharing one's work for feedback purposes. I'll check back a bit later to see if you've made the needed edits.





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