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Changing Rasterizer State

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So far, this is the best way I can think of for modifying the current RasterizerStateDescription:


class Renderer


public bool Wireframe




RasterizerStateDescription curr = _device.ImmediateContext.Rasterizer.State.Description;

RasterizerStateDescription description = new RasterizerStateDescription


CullMode = curr.CullMode,

DepthBias = curr.DepthBias,

DepthBiasClamp = curr.DepthBiasClamp,

FillMode = (value ? FillMode.Wireframe : FillMode.Solid),

IsAntialiasedLineEnabled = curr.IsAntialiasedLineEnabled,

IsDepthClipEnabled = curr.IsDepthClipEnabled,

IsFrontCounterclockwise = curr.IsFrontCounterclockwise,

IsMultisampleEnabled = curr.IsMultisampleEnabled,

IsScissorEnabled = curr.IsScissorEnabled,

SlopeScaledDepthBias = curr.SlopeScaledDepthBias,


RasterizerState rs = RasterizerState.FromDescription(_device, description);

_device.ImmediateContext.Rasterizer.State = rs;




This seems necessary because the ImmediateContext's Rasterizer.State.Description is read only. Is there a simpler method for modifying one part of the state at a time, or do I have the right idea?


Alternatively, should I keep track of state in my code, and then just set the RasterizerStateDescription once?



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You should definitely set the entire rasterizer state as a block. That's why Direct3D 11 has its render states grouped; there's a performance overheard to changing states, so grouping them lets you pay that cost just once while setting a whole bunch of states.


Certainly if you need wireframe rendering you should create a rasterizer state that represents that combination of states. However, you should store it somewhere, and try to render all of your wireframe meshes at once each frame.

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