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Legal Questions....

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KyleMiles    105

Hello!  I have been programming games for a while now, and I just want to be very, very sure that everything that I am doing is legal...  Esentually I am making a game with C++, OpenGL, OpenAL, and DevIL, in Notepad++ compiled with MinGW.  What I NEED to know is, can I legally market my game?  Is there anything I have to do in order to?  Any names I HAVE to mention, anything?? I want to release on Steam, IOS, and maybe my own website...  Besides the marketing licence, is there anything I have to do?  Thank you!



Here are the websites if you need them:







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bb_buster    117
As far as I'm aware openGL has no license requirements. As for openAL I couldn't see anything on a cursory glance at its website.

However the devil library is licensed under the L-GPL. So that depends on how you're using the library. If you dynamically link to it as a DLL then you can just provide the end user with a link to the source code of that library.

However if you statically link the library into the application then it all becomes a derivative work as defined in the L-GPL and becomes subject to it. Meaning the source code to the whole application must be made available and distributable under the L-GPL or GPL

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