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    • By Matthew Suttles
      I am looking for team members to potentially collaborate on the development of various game projects as well as assistant applications potentially, tabletop games for example.  At the moment, I am doing the entire production on my own, which as a result is incredibly slow.  Any contributions will of course be credited, and as far as experience or skills, if you're confident that you can accomplish the tasks, then I'm more than willing to allow you to try.
      The biggest need at the moment is some art skills.  I 'can' draw, but not well, which means that if I'm going for positive asthetics, that it's going to take all year.  In my 2D games, and 3D games, art has been the one hold up.  I'm currently trying to work around the art issue, using placeholders and the likes, but the result is that no matter how far I take the game in concept, it's still lightyears from completion.  The more I accomplish, the more art assets will be needed to utilize it.  I intend to work on my own skills still in this department, but that being said, people who just want to get their art into a product, or people who want to expand their portfolio, are more than welcome to take over the production of art assets.  If you only have experience in pixel art, that's fine, I have a pixel art project on-going.  If you only 3D model, that's fine too, I've had some success in concept art and the likes, and helpful friends as well. Are you more the writing type?  Me too, we can bounce ideas back and forth, help solidify the storyline and concepts as we go on into the development process. Business minded?  I'd love to learn more by seeing how you work.
      I will say that, while I am working to advance my skills in all facets of game development, though my primary focus is programming, that being said I will always welcome a comrade, or ally.  Your position as a team member will not be nullified if I become able to fulfill the role.  The fact of the matter is, a team can accomplish more.  I do work a LOT on these projects, but I do understand that if you are joining this team, you aren't doing so for the wealth, meaning you likely have responsibilities elsewhere.  So, do not hesitate to contact me. If you are a beginner, looking to learn by practice, then you are welcome to come as well. We will utilize the best suited works for any development done, but it will always be merit based, meaning that whether you're a beginner that just joined, or me, if yours is more suited to the situation, yours will be used, and you will be credited for it.  Students, hobbyists, or professionals, all welcome.  If you're a professional though, I'm going to wonder why you are joining, but you are still welcome to join!
      Samples are always welcome, but if you don't have any, or don't know what to submit to the diversity of my product description, then just contact me, elaborate on what you do, and I'll give you a subject.  One that will not be used unless you join the team, of that you have my word.
      Matthew Suttles,
      Seik Luceid#9656 on Discord, luceid.dezeir on Skype, or MatthewSuttles@Gmail.com
      You can also respond to this thread though response time may be slower.
    • By Damnwing0405
      I am looking for talents to form a team of making a strategy base action game. Talents I am currently looking for are : -
      (I) Unity programmer (mobile)
      (II) Game designer
      (III) 3d Artist
      (IV) SFX Artist
      The attachment is some game concept for the game. All the concept will be turn into 3d or card form. The game will be strategy game where the players can form their own team and control the units in the battle field real time to fight against each others.  If you are interested to know more details please pm me or send an email to damnwing0405@gmail.com

    • By bsudheer
      Leap Leap Leap! is a fast-paced, endless running game where you leap from rooftop to rooftop in a computer simulated world.

      This is a free run game and get excited by this fabulous computer simulated world of skyscrapers and surreal colors in parallax effect. On your way, collect cubes and revival points as many as you can to make a long run.

      Features of Leap Leap Leap:
      -Option of two themes: Black or White.
      -Simple one touch gameplay.
      -Attractive art.
      -Effective use of parallax.
      To Download the game:
      Playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.avakaigames.leap
      Appstore: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/leap-leap-leap/id683764406?mt=8

    • By BillyGD

      Play Flick Football 3D @ https://gamejolt.com/games/flickfootball3d/326078
      Check out our Facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/FlickFootball3D/
      Flick Football 3D is a turn based football game inspired by the table top classic 'Subbuteo'.
      The game is currently in very early Alpha development. There is still a lot to be done before the first proper release but I have decided to release this playable version to get as much feedback as possible.
      The only game mode currently available in this release is the 'Practice Mode' which gives you control of both teams. Either play against yourself to get used to how the game works or play against friends and family on the same computer!
      Planned Future Features Include:
      -Take control of your own custom team in the single player campaign.
      -Play in online leagues and tournaments against other players in the multiplayer mode.
      -Fully customisable stadiums to make you stand out from the rest of the players.
      -Improve your players stats and skills by playing matches and setting up training sessions.
      Flick Football 3D is available for Windows, Mac and Browser.
      Thank you for viewing my game, all feedback is greatly appreciated. I can be contacted at; BillyGDev@outlook.com
      'Flick Football 3D' is also the development name for the game and I haven't yet decided what the full release will be called, so if you have any ideas please drop me a message!
    • By drcrack
      It is a combination of fundamental RPG elements and challenging, session-based MOBA elements. Having features such as creating your unique build, customizing your outfit and preparing synergic team compositions with friends, players can brave dangerous adventures or merciless arena fights against deadly creatures and skilled players alike.

      This time with no grinding and no pay to win features.

      We're still looking for:
      1) 3D Character Artist
      2) 3D Environment Artist
      3) Animator
      4) Sound Designer
      5) VFX Artist

      Discord https://discord.gg/zXpY29V or drcrack#4575
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Unity Unity 3D Gotchas?

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I've been programming games for a while, and just now trying out unity.  Once I got over its initial hump, I'm finding it pretty easy and nice to work with, to the point where I'm going to use it for my next game  City Builder first, and then shifting into something more robust.


My question is to any other Unity 3D Devs out there; What kind of Gothca's might I expect?  What limitations or issues have you had a hard time resolving (or not resolving) along the way?


Before I get to far into proofs for my game, I want to start looking at challenges that might be common with it. 


where there unreasonable hassles?  The content loading and descriptor engine nature are really nice.


Also to note, I'm using C# with it, instead of Java.  this is In Windows, and I'm planning on picking up the 125$ Visual Studio Unity Plugin, so I can use it with VS2012 Ult. 

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There's a few.

Some functions just don't work. Like setter functions. If something isn't working, and using a print(whatever) to see it isn't helping, do a google search to make sure the function works. Before you spend all night recompiling the script and wondering what you are doing wrong. This has come up a few times.

The engine has trouble reporting the current window dimensions. The problem changes depending on what client your using, or if you are in the editor or not. You have to make sure you check at the right time and place to get it to work.

The current GUI system is a pain in the ass. You basically redefine it from scratch every frame with a call to OnGUI() in any random script attached to any object in the current scene.

Resource / Asset management is a disaster at times.

They can't seem to do something as simple as to let you fix your model's orientation when you import. So you end up having to create all your objects as empty nodes, and then create another node under that with your model and fix the rotation manually there.

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I've found using DLL's to be a big pain. Always make sure to edit your reference's before trying to use a function or class within a .NET/mono library. Another really useful thing to know is that when playing an animation, make sure to set it's culling mode to "Always Animate" if that animation goes off the screen(if its a gun or something you'll probably always want that animation to play). It tends to be those silly little things that you wouldn't think to much about that always get you.

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Don't put stuff in the Resources folder. Resources.Load might be a tempting function, but the Resources folder is never pruned; that is everything in it goes into your build.


Don't use .transform, .renderer, .collider, etc.. Under the hood .transform does a GetComponent<Transform>(), it's expensive. Instead cache components in your awake function, ie: cachedTransform = transform;


GameObject.Find is expensive as all hell.

Creating a game object from code is expensive.

Destroying a game object is expensive.

Instead of create / destroy all the time use a pooling strategy. Have the game objects in the scene and just enable / disable them. Only make new game objects when absolutely nescecarry. Calling create game object a lot will lead to memory fragmentation and your game crashing.


I have a lot of pet peves about unity, but the above are the only real issues i've found.

oh, cool didn't know that.  Was wondering why some programmers did something like myTransfrom = transform on the start/awake functions.

Is there an other alternative of GameObject.Find('..') rather not doing var go : GameObject and having to drag and drop from the inspector?

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You'll probably need to write your own GUI system or buy one of the GUI asset packages that people sell.


The good news is that it is not too difficult to create your own 3D GUI system from scratch. A 3D GUI is more flexible, since the entire GUI for your game can just be created at start and then disabled / enabled when needed in script (you'll need a good parenting / hierarchy setup for complex GUIs). The 3D GUI can also be rendered as 2D at anytime by simply switching the GUI camera from perspective to orthographic.


The GUI system I created for my own game in this video took me only a couple weeks, but I did use someone's free Unity Tween library for all the GUI animations:


Edited by Rorakin

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I think print() doesn't work in certain occasions.  Use Debug.Log() instead; I've never had a time where it hasn't worked.


Also, I second what uglybdavis said about creating references to .transform, .gameObject, etc.


If you know what your GameObject is named, you don't have to drag into the inspector, just do something like this:


GameObject player;

function Awake()
   player = GameObject.Find("Player");



I use this for setting up references and such at the start of the game.  This way, you're only calling GameObject.Find() at the start, and it won't cause any lag or framerate drops in the middle of gameplay.



Also, 2D arrays in Unity don't save like other variables do, so for example, you can't save a 2D array of nodes for pathfinding.  You have to make a specific class for it.


class Array2D
   nodeColumn[] columns;

   public node getNode(int x,int y)
      return columns[x].nodes[y];
class nodeColumn
   node[] nodes;



That might not be 100% proper and you'd probably want functions like setNode(int x,int y) and stuff like that, but I think you get the point.  Unity won't save your 2D arrays unless you kind of "hack your way around it" with classes.

Edited by Sir Mac Jefferson

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