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One way list into glVertexPointer

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WiredCat    1452
struct VertexDynArrayElement {
t3dpoint p;
t3dpoint c;
float 	 a;
textpoint uv;

double VERTEX_R;
double VERTEX_G;
double VERTEX_B;

int VERTEX_Cr;
int VERTEX_Cg;
int VERTEX_Cb;

VertexDynArrayElement * next;
VertexDynArrayElement * prev;
bool blank;
VertexDynArrayElement() {
 prev = NULL;
 next = NULL;
 blank = true;


i want to put this into glvertexpointer or is it any other way to speed up rendering instead of using glbegin glend.

Cheers :}

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WiredCat    1452

well i do not understand how &data->p will tell glVertexPointer that next array element is in the 'next' variable


can you tell me more thing about how to use glVertexAttribPointer in this case? thank you

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