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Debugger problem (SOLVED)

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hello, I have got problems using the debugger on eclipse, coding JAVA ...Android development. It is rather taking me backwards than being a useful tool for debugging I set break points. click debug then its jumps to a line I never specified -Debug Current Instruction Pointer (DCIP). Fine maybe its trying to tell me something useful here... but it never does and it doesn't allow me to get anything useful as it is stuck there and when i press resume ... it sticks to the same line. Sometimes when i exit eclipse and start again it temporarily dissapears but only for a nanosecond When i really really force it , sometimes a "class file editor" pops up saying "source not found", the rest - i cannot make a any sense of it. Was is this "debug current instruction pointer " for ? certainly i'm missing something here ... so how is this thing useful? How deos it help? and most importantly.... HOW CAN I REMOVE IT PERMANENTLY? I cant get any useful/crash debug info out of "DCIP" so far. when you are spending serious time trying to debug yr debugger then you are really going backwards. many thanks all help appreciated PROBLEM IS FINALLY SOLVED, THANKS

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