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Dream Cutter

3D Volcano Eruption & Rescue scene animated in web browser

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What do you think of this animated adventure scene?

3D in Web Browser:

Developed using irrlicht CopperCube and 3d modelling apps I was able to create the following 3d movie in HTML5 (browser). It plays best using chrome, safari or firefox with WebGL support. Fast PC recommended otherwise see the youtube to see what 3d animation can be done in a web browser. neede

Also have a youtube that was captured from screen:

I appreciate all critical comments. I an no film director and can use any pointers. I am interested in what you experience in terms of performance on your pc. This animated scene is for a video game in development, Its all one scene, all in the 3d world at once. background skybox is animated too. All trees are full 3d (not sprites), each leaf animated texture. Entire scene event is game triggered programmatic animation. IClone would have been easier to render in 2D but this is 3D because its destined for web and android. Custom made everything including the figures.

If it really sux - let me know,...
specifics on performance 3d , please provide O/S, RAM, CPU and Browser.


Big Thanks for test and feedback.  A free Hormel Hog 3D figure and accessories on the website is for you!  Lots more being added.

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