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GLUT glutPassiveMotionFunc and the current window

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Hi Guys.


I have three GLUT Windows, the "Main Window" created with glutCreateWindow, who's ID is 1

Then two child windows created with glutCreateSubWindow who's ID's are 2 and 3


Window id 2 is active. The mouse gets moved and is moved over window id 3. At this point window id 2 is active until 3 is clicked. This is the default behavior, and it's ok.


I added some code in the mouse move function of window 2 that checks to see if we are in window 3, if so set the active window to 3. Setting some breakpoints i can confirm that the set active window function is reached and called. So, i'm assuming that at this point the active window is 3.


The problem is after i manually set the window to 3, window 2 still gets the mouse move callbacks...


Anyone have any ideas why this might be happening?



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