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Coming back to D3D and XNA after 3 year hiatus

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Hi all!


After a 3 year break from graphics and games programming I'm returning to DirectX and XNA development.


Before my break from all of this I was just starting to get into Direct3D 10 after many years of Direct3D 9 coding. I've just picked up the "3D Game Programming with DirectX 11" book by Frank Luna to get up to speed with Direct3D 11. I chose this book based on the Amazon comments. Is this a decent book for Direct3D 11? I'm not that worried about the game development content in the book since I'm already familiar with that aspect. I'm really just interested in the Direct3D 11 part.


For keyboard input is DirectInput pretty much dead for this? Should I be processing the Windows keyboard messages for this? Similarly should I be using the Windows mouse messages and the Raw Input Device API to process mouse input instead of DirectInput?


What's the current state of XNA? Is it still being actively developed? Or should I be looking else where for managed DirectX support?


Thanks guys. It's good to be back biggrin.png

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F. Luna's books are quite good, in my opinion. But of course you'll never be able to learn everything from just one book. I use them as a great starting point. Then, for details, just use the internet.


Yep, use Windows messages for keyboard and mouse.

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