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Query about company name, divisions and marketing

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Hi there,


I have a simple query about marketing my Indie start up company.


I have registered my company and ABN (in Australia) as Radimoto Pty Ltd.

I have also registered the domain name


I know I am pretty much locked down to using Radimoto Pty Ltd on the iOS App Store due to my company registration.


Thinking about naming when it comes to marketing.. would there be any issue to using "Radimoto Entertainment" or "Radimoto Games" in trailers, on the website.. etc... 


Basically if I had different divisions (e.g. Entertainment, Education) within the company would it ok to promote each separate area as "Radimoto Entertainment" or "Radimoto Education" ? This would be for marketing only without registering another Company/ABN.


Any feedback would be appreciated.


Many thanks,


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To put it simply yes you can name your internal divisions whatever you want without needing to register each division as a separate LLC, though that can also be done.


However in the small print of your marketing, note that it is a division of Radimoto Pty Ltd. This applies to any trading made by the division as well if you choose to develop separate internalised accounting procedures. It is common practice in larger organisations. In it's own way it is pretty much the exact same basis as referring to your Accounting department or your Marketing Department or a division along regional lines where you might say the South East Regional division. However if a company has that name you are calling your division then you can run into some issues. You would have no grounds to support a claim even if you had established your name prior to theirs, simply because theirs would be registered (Well not exactly 100% true but good enough general rule of thumb).


However the simplest way to get the most up-to-date and relevant information would be to contact the Business Enterprises Centre Australia directly.

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I can only speak about the U.S. but I think  "Radimoto Entertainment" or "Radimoto Games" would be considered a doing business as name.    I know in MA you have to pay a small fee with the town hall to register a doing business as name. Some states might require a registration at the state or county level. 

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