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Spencer Burd

Need Help with compilers and make commands.

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You're running on Windows Vista, 7 or 8, right?
- Open up the classic "Computer Properties" dialog by right clicking Computer and selecting properties, or launch "System" from Control Panel.
- From here you select "Advanced System Settings" -> (Pick the "Advanced" tab if it isn't already selected)
- Click the "Environment Variables..." -button.
- Find the Path variable under "System Variables" (Or user variables if no other user would need it)
- Edit it and inserrt "c:\mingw\bin;" at the beginning of the line, without the quotes. (Assuming c:\mingw\bin contains the compilers you'll be using...) Edited by SuperVGA

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firstly, download MinGW from this site:

Install it to C:\MinGW

Then after installing, do these if you are using Windows 7 or Vista or 8 ( i guess same thing can be done for XP too ) :


1. Press Start and R buttons. It will open up the Run window box.


2. Then copy paste this - systempropertiesadvanced.exe and press Enter.


3. Click on Environment Variables which is in the bottom right corner.


4. Over here, you'll find 2 boxes. Go to the box which says System variables and under the Variables column, search for Path or PATH (for me it was Path. Both are the

    same thing).

5. Double click on PATH. It will open up another box. Over here, in the variable value box if there is already written something on it, then copy paste - ;C:\MinGW\bin.
    NOTE: It is mandatory to put the semicolon as it separates itself from other stuff written in the box...

6. Press OK, OK and then i guess it must work.

Let us know whether it worked or not... smile.png

Edited by parthibbiswas93

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