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LevelUp Tilemap editor

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I've been working on a little tool to help my development for flashgames, and it's coming along quite well, so i'd like to share it with the gamedev community.


Levelup is an editor to create tiled maps, much like Tiled or Ogmo. But since i dislike the workflow of both those tools and i felt a lack of functionality in some departments i started creating this one.


Major features(as of v0.7b) include:

Project, Map and Asset management.

Indefinite mapsizes, no restrictions to tile in any direction.

Powerful brush tools to create your map.

Creating Entities with custom attributes (enemy spawns, doors, switches, chests etc).

Export to XML in an easy-to-parse format.

Focus on workflow and usabilty (this dept. still needs work)


This tool is still in heavy development and i will pump out updates on a regular basis. Even if i manage to break the file format at some point, you will be able to import your older maps in the newer versions, so there's no fear to have your files rendered obsolete (i hope).


So far the feedback on this thing has been a little underwhelming so there might be a lot of quirks i do not know about or i got accustomed too, so please point them out.





The visual appearence is more or less experimental and inconsistent throughout the tool, so that requires some work, but is of low priority as of yet.


For a complete feature rundown, more info and a download (v0.7b) you can check the makeshift homepage (aka wiki page).


So long,

wzl \o


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Levelup 0.8 just went up! 

-Cleaned up the interface
-Custom layerlist
-Disabled skinning
-Implemented custom color themes
-Uses custom font (Tempesta seven regular)
-Preview selection when using the stamp tool or placing entities
-Printing system messages console style
-Tips of the day
-Unlimited undo! [ctrl][z]
-Implemented colored Triggerboxes (deathzones etc.)
-Render map to image (and save to file)
-Removal for Entity- and TriggerTypes
Changed Keybindings:
-(b) tilebrush
-(a) areabrush
-(s) stampbrush
-(e) eraser
-(t) trigger
-(n) entity
-Added Refill to fill the last drawn area with different random tiles (r) 
-Exports triggers with name, position, size and attributes.


New url: [url]http://lup.wzl.vg[/url]

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