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Ant City Closed Beta

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Ant City Closed Beta Key Giveaway [limited]

From the creators of Pocket Mafia (www.pocketmafia.com) a game with over 1,000 active players, comes yet another fun, unique, addictive and just plain badass Massively Multiplayer Online Game.

Create your ant. Build your colony. Equip unique perks and band together with friends to form Empires and smash, loot, or gather your way to the top. Fight other players and have all-out Empire Wars - or start a business and hire other players to work for you.

Imagine a world filled with ants, where YOU are the ant and the war is on the surface (and sometimes under it)

Build your colony into a revenue-producing machine - and equip defenses to protect yourself from the attacks of other malicious players.

Ant City is a game that is being developed to provide the ultimate user experience in a fun, engaging, and enjoyable game environment.

Some of the features:

Android app
iPhone app (future)
Facebook / Social Integration (future)
Chrome app (future)

Mafia games are way 2011. Welcome to 2013:
Customize your ant with perks
Train your ant to be more powerful and smarter
Rise the ranks in your own colony, as well as the ant universe itself.
Fight other players
Do solo missions
Do Group Missions together with other players in your Empire.
Choose to be an employee or employer - hire other players to work for your unique trade.
and much more.
+ features and user experience added regularly

Ant city is set for a closed beta release within the coming week and we are excited!
We invite everyone to come and be a part of this amazing experience by applying for a beta key by visiting our website www.antuniverse.com (keys are limited)

Join as a beta tester today and get some pretty cool advantages:
A unique “Beta Player” badge to keep forever
An early advantage to get familiar with the game mechanics to help new players upon release (if you want to help them)
A Unique beta item that will never be available only to beta testers
Some other cool stuff we have planned for you ;)

(Okay, the pitch is done)

Hahaa so we have a dedicated team of programmers and developers working day and night weeding out bugs and working on design improvements and new features. So... Do you want to join the team? The game is a free MMO and so is the beta - but keys are limited (we are keeping the number of beta players under 150 at this time) We are all so excited to make this happen, and there are some pretty phenomenal things planned for the future. (Think revolutionizing the Social MMO game industry big)

Again, do know that closed beta spots are limited, so not everyone will get in. We have a limited number of spots. Send me a message and why you think you would be a great addition to the team. If you don’t get in, we apologize, and Ant City will be completely released by the end of February, and you will have a chance to be one of the founding players then.

Director of Marketing
Ant City

Enjoy! And see you on the inside either sooner or later.

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Equip hundreds of different perks to give yourself and advantage over players.
Build a bigger nest to hold more ants. The more ants you have, the broader your range of what you can do.
These are just some snaps from our game, you can find more snaps and news by following us on facebook here:

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