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Airship Downs - The Steampunk City-Building Simulator

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Hi guys!

I'm Patrick, the PR Director and Community Liaison for EVV Games. We are working hard on our debut title, Airship Downs.

A lot of games hope to be the next biggest title, so I won't bore you with this old song and dance, I will simply list a few of the standard and optional gameplay features and let you decide. It will be based on a city building sim,have a deep and rich storyline like the days of yore,
have standard PvE battle encounters (which will have auto units and auto kill for the less experienced mobile gamers), and progress through levels using experience and gold. You will be able to enhance the buildings through building modifications and decoration based enhancements. There will be a unique leveling system, designed to prevent game breakage, which will progress the player through 10-20
levels, and then enter a new "age" which will start the levels over for the next age. Throughout the leveling, players will unlock new
buildings, be able to combine the resources using streamlined mechanics, and unlock new buildings and building enhancing decorations. There will also be special "automaton" units that will be able to be created, and man the buildings, in order to add their bonuses to the particular buildings they oversee. These automatons will also have their own customization screen, and be able to be set on display for the player network. Other social features will currently include being able to build a network of fellow city-builders, who will be able to come to your city and collect money for you and restart your shop's recipes, which can be done a number of times based on the total number of people in your network. It will have a customizable UI for the main screen, user-definable play list for the music, the previously mentioned top-level "out-of-game" network, and allow the player to get full screen, high resolution pictures of each specific building.

The optional features will include a technology tree based on a level triggered points earning system, which can then be spent on the technologies, somewhat like a skill tree. Strategic combat with a multitude of units, using an 8-way square "star" grid, which will combine the flexibility of the hex directional capabilities, and the square's multi-sized unit practices. A Crafting system using basic and enhancement elements gathered from battles and exploration. Customization of the PC and NPC with standard attribute based stats in order to create specialty population units. Random overhead and underground special encounters with special enemies and loot (a-la dungeon crawlers) along side standard random encounters. PvP and co-op, turn based battle options.

The game will be a F2P with a premium currency based system, which will also have premium buildings to go along with it. The premium system will allow players to save time only, and also be a unique implementation of a currently abused mechanic. You will be able to "downgrade" premium buildings in order to get back somewhere over 50% of your premium currency back into your stash, and there will be plenty of promotional opportunities to earn free premium currency. This will be a generous system to basically "allow" players to spend money on the game if they wish, and help us sustain development and support for continued updates and expansions. It will also incorporate and in game bank, which will be able to upgrade normal currency to premium currency. This will be a unique implementation of this model, and will ultimately be standardized by the community.

To the best of my knowledge and research, nothing quite like this set of features has exactly been tried yet, so I hope it to be at the very
least a unique gameplay experience. At best, I do hope it is very successful, so that it raises the bar for the current mobile development
community in order to prove that not only can this be done, but is what should be done. We will need the community's support in order to do
this, however, because the other mobile devs don't think you want a more engaging or deeper game than games about farm villages or upset avians, so come help us by showing your support!!

Website: http://www.airshipdowns.com


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Hey guys,


This is it, guys; the day has come. Our Indiegogo.com campaign is live! This is where we need your support the very most. Contribute if you can and allow us to bring you the unique, high-quality title you deserve. This is NOT possible without everyone's help and support. 2013 is a revolutionary year in the gaming industry, and by supporting us you can make your mark. Catch you soon. =D




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