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Warlords RTS: Clash of Thrones OPEN BETA > feedback needed

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Hello everyone at gamedev forum!!

I actully used to make PC GAMES, and my last published titles was game "The Ward" back in 2001. Since than i didn't do anything until 3 months ago when i got bored with managerial jobs and got back to game development smiley.gif.

We would appreciate your comments (good or bad) to be shared with us. Warlords RTS: Clash of Thrones is created by passionate gamers, we understand that we can make great game only with your help!

Open Beta releases February 2013, so please subscribe for News & Beta at

So quick game description:

This iOS & Android strategy game is set in fantasy world of Aldfarne! We have storyteller who wrote tons of material that will be published on
our website soon after native english speaker checks all materials (approx 2 weeks time). You should carefully choose your starting
Warlord, as they have very different and unique special abilities that you level ingame.

In 50 different levels, you will face 20+ different evil enemies and bosses and multiple victory conditions which will make each level unique. On your way, you will have different warlords, units, spells, items and home tower upgrades to choose from!

You will find unique unit control and strategic points of interest to power up your army in more complex levels and be surprised by random item
drops from evil bosses! Upon release expect regular updates on new warlords, units, spells & items!

You can checkout tablet gameplay video on link:

Thanks a lot!

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Good looking game. The video of the game on the tablet does not do justice to the quality of the art work.

But it hink that sceenshots do :)

Though i hope those are not final. Or are they?

They are nice looking,m but something is still missing.

In that last picture are those transparent things bosses?

They look just like those smaller things in pic above.

I hope that that I'm wrong and you won't just put some shiny effect on regular unit and call it a boss.

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