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Stencil shadow volumes - general tips and advice?

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After much hard work I have just finished my first implementation of stencil shadow volumes. It works perfectly about 98% of the time. But every now and then I see a small artifacts appear in isolated regions. It is so infrequent that it is probably acceptable but I think it might be worth going the extra mile to hunt down these artifacts.


But before I do that, I was wondering if anyone could offer some general tips or common sources of error that can create occasional artifacts.


Here are some of the measures I have tried (based on papers/articles i've read) to eliminate artifacts:


1. when determining if a triangle is facing the light, i take the dot product of the light-to-triangle vector with the triangle normal, and I return true if dotProduct > epsilon, where epsilon is a small positive value, rather than just zero.


2. when creating the front and back faces of the volume, I move the front-face along the direction of the light-vector by a small epsilon. Presumably this is because  "due to floating point errors we might encounter bizarre corruptions where the volume hides the front cap". Not sure i fully understand this but I thought it was worth a shot.


Neither of these fixed the occasional appearance of artifacts. Does anyone have any more tricks or tips that might help?


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