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Implementation - SFML

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Hi, even with the lack of help from the members of this forum who answered my first A star question (bringing my reputation down by 200), I have managed to get an A star recipe which was very useful. The thing is that I don't know how to implement it onto my project as it comes with no instructions.


Now, I will need someone very good with C++ to show me what functions i should use.


The code in the int main() that is shown in the code:

int main( int argc, char *argv[] )

	cout << "STL A* Search implementation\n(C)2001 Justin Heyes-Jones\n";

	// Our sample problem defines the world as a 2d array representing a terrain
	// Each element contains an integer from 0 to 5 which indicates the cost 
	// of travel across the terrain. Zero means the least possible difficulty 
	// in travelling (think ice rink if you can skate) whilst 5 represents the 
	// most difficult. 9 indicates that we cannot pass.

	// Create an instance of the search class...

	AStarSearch<MapSearchNode> astarsearch;

	unsigned int SearchCount = 0;

	const unsigned int NumSearches = 1;

	while(SearchCount < NumSearches)

		// Create a start state
		MapSearchNode nodeStart;
		nodeStart.x = rand()%MAP_WIDTH;
		nodeStart.y = rand()%MAP_HEIGHT; 

		// Define the goal state
		MapSearchNode nodeEnd;
		nodeEnd.x = rand()%MAP_WIDTH;						
		nodeEnd.y = rand()%MAP_HEIGHT; 

		// Set Start and goal states

		astarsearch.SetStartAndGoalStates( nodeStart, nodeEnd );

		unsigned int SearchState;
		unsigned int SearchSteps = 0;

			SearchState = astarsearch.SearchStep();



			cout << "Steps:" << SearchSteps << "\n";

			int len = 0;

			cout << "Open:\n";
			MapSearchNode *p = astarsearch.GetOpenListStart();
			while( p )
				((MapSearchNode *)p)->PrintNodeInfo();
				p = astarsearch.GetOpenListNext();


			cout << "Open list has " << len << " nodes\n";

			len = 0;

			cout << "Closed:\n";
			p = astarsearch.GetClosedListStart();
			while( p )
				p = astarsearch.GetClosedListNext();

			cout << "Closed list has " << len << " nodes\n";

		while( SearchState == AStarSearch<MapSearchNode>::SEARCH_STATE_SEARCHING );

		if( SearchState == AStarSearch<MapSearchNode>::SEARCH_STATE_SUCCEEDED )
			cout << "Search found goal state\n";

				MapSearchNode *node = astarsearch.GetSolutionStart();

				cout << "Displaying solution\n";
				int steps = 0;

				for( ;; )
					node = astarsearch.GetSolutionNext();

					if( !node )

					steps ++;


				cout << "Solution steps " << steps << endl;

				// Once you're done with the solution you can free the nodes up

		else if( SearchState == AStarSearch<MapSearchNode>::SEARCH_STATE_FAILED ) 
			cout << "Search terminated. Did not find goal state\n";


		// Display the number of loops the search went through
		cout << "SearchSteps : " << SearchSteps << "\n";

		SearchCount ++;


	return 0;



My game will consist of a vector of zombies which will try and get to the player through a map with obstacles. I know how to create the map, but I need to know how to make this powerful code make my zombies follow the player without going through the obstacles. I would like to know how to initialize the code, what to loop for each zombie in the vector and how to get the player to move node by node to the player. Also, as my player will keep moving, this needs to be updated every second or so.


I know this is a tough job, but please, if you are really good with C++ and have experience with A*, help me.


Thank you

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