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Mind Calamity

Can't seem to bind a class - Compile errors.

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Hello, I've been struggling with registering/binding my class with AngelScript for the past few days, and I've went over the documentation a fair amount of times, but I haven't figured out the problem. I have a class like this:


class ENGINE_EXPORT GameObject : public Object
	friend class Level;
	GameObject(uint32 id, String name, bool isStatic = false);
	int			addRef();
	int			release();
	Level*	mCreator;

	int mRefCount;


And I'm registering it like this:

void bindGameObject(asIScriptEngine* engine)
	int r;
	r = engine->RegisterObjectType("GameObject", 0, asOBJ_REF);
	r = engine->RegisterObjectBehaviour("GameObject", asBEHAVE_ADDREF, "void f()", asMETHOD(GameObject, addRef), asCALL_THISCALL); assert( r >= 0 );
	r = engine->RegisterObjectBehaviour("GameObject", asBEHAVE_RELEASE, "void f()", asMETHOD(GameObject, release), asCALL_THISCALL); assert( r >= 0 );
	r = engine->RegisterObjectMethod("GameObject", "const string& getName()", asMETHOD(GameObject, getName), asCALL_THISCALL); assert( r >= 0 );



The game objects are created by a class "Level" which is registered like so:

void bindLevel(asIScriptEngine* engine)
	engine->RegisterObjectType("Level", 0, asOBJ_REF | asOBJ_NOHANDLE);

	int r = engine->RegisterObjectMethod("Level", "void createSky()", asMETHOD(Level, createSky), asCALL_THISCALL); assert( r >= 0 );
	r = engine->RegisterObjectMethod("Level", "const string& getName()", asMETHOD(Level, getName), asCALL_THISCALL); assert( r >= 0 );
	//r = engine->RegisterObjectMethod("Level", "bool getGameObject(const string &in, GameObject &out)", asMETHODPR(Level, getGameObject, (const String&, GameObject&), bool), asCALL_THISCALL); assert (r >= 0);
	r = engine->RegisterObjectMethod("Level", "const GameObject @+ getGameObject(const string &in name)", asMETHOD(Level, getGameObject), asCALL_THISCALL); assert( r >= 0 );
	//	int r = engine->RegisterObjectMethod("")


The problem is with the getGameObject function, it's declared on the C++ like this:

// String is just a typedef of std::string.
GameObject* getGameObject(const String& name);


And in my actual script I have this:

void testGet()
	GameObject@ obj = level.getGameObject("CamObj");


But I get "Error Compiling void testGet()".


Any ideas as to where my problem is ? (Sorry for the spammy code)


BTW - The addRef and release functions are taken from the Game sample, as is the way of registering.

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It would help if you showed the actual error message that you get. 


From what you shown I can only imagine that the problem is that you've regstered the getGameObject to return a 'const GameObject @', and this cannot be assigned to a non-const handle. 


Either register the method to return the handle without the const, or change the script to declare the variable as const.




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That was such a stupid mistake on my part. Sorry about that. :)


I tried so many different ways to bind it, and I tried removing "const" on one of them, and I still got the same result, but this time that was the problem. :)


Thanks for the quick reply.

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