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[android] What is normal ratio of active vs total installs

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I have 2 free games in android play market, with very little install base - emberrasingly little so I won't mention it.

What I'd like to know is the ratio of active vs total installs that is normal, or what is it in your experience.


Mine is 42% for a generic game (whac a mole) and 49% (for a non-generic gameplay targeted for children)

I got the ratio by taking 'active' number, divide by total installs, and to get percentage I multiply by 100.


Are my numbers low?

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I really think that 42% and 49% are average. And may even be above average. 

Every time I see a game that I am interested in, I, of course, download it and check it out. 

But probably more than 50% of those games I uninstall afterwards. And those would be the main reasons:


1. I finished that game.

I don't like to keep games that I won't play anymore.


2. There is not enough space on my phone left.

And so the main target will be games that use up more space than others. 


3. I simply didn't like that game.

Yeah, many times I download games out of boredom, and most of them don't satisfy my need.


4. Game has low FPS/LAG or crashes.

No one wants a game that is slow, or doesn't even work right.


Also, I think you shouldn't even use that ratio to determine if your game sells, or in this case downloads well.

Just think about it. More time game is on the market, more people will download it, and even more people will uninstall it. So as times goes, no matter how good your game is,

its active/total installs ratio will always decrease.

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