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DirectInputCreateEx is after me!

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I have a problem with directinput using the function DirectInputCreateEx as used here:
DirectInputCreateEx(main_instance_handle, DIRECTINPUT_VERSION, 
IID_IDirectInput7, (void**)&lpdi, NULL));
The error that appers upon compilation is "Unresolved external DirectInputCreateEx" referenced from c:\engine\engine.obj Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Well, seems like Mr DirectX is having a bad mood...
The first time i compile the program, the compiler gives out an error:
"Error: error processing module"

I've heard of a few more people having this problem when using
the borland 5 compiler,
don't know if they ever solved it though...

if i compile again before deleting the .obj file of my program, the compiler gives out the error I mentioned earlier about unresolved external DirectInputCreateEx referenced from...

I'm linking with dinput.lib.

Thanks in advance... Help!

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