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Adobe AIR installer error

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AIR is all the rage for games BUT I can't get it to install on my netbooks.


I get the error (translated from Spanish) This file is not correctly configured, get in contact with the developer.


1. I have tried publishing the .air file on different computers to see if it was an issue with pc - same error

2. I tried versions 2.5 and 2.6 - same

3. I used one of the old air installs and that works on all netbooks

4. The air isntaller DOES work on my desktops but they have adobe flash Cs5.5 installed and I'm sure that helps.

5. My friend in Barcelona created an installer on his desktop and that doesn't work either.


All very strange.

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This seems to be a rather common thing. I've attempted to install AIR on two machines, not because I wanted it, but because it was a dependency of my Netgear managed switch software.


The two machines run Win XP SP3 (elderly but fully functional) and Win7 SP1 (completely fresh install), respectively, and it failed on both (with the same obscure, meaningless error). So for me, personally, it's "rage" against any software that depends on AIR.


Unluckily, I have no advice to give as to how you could get it working. I eventually just gave up and accepted that I bought a managed switch and can't use the "managed" bit...

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I'm a little confused by the steps you've taken so far. Are you trying to install the AIR runtime environment itself, or an application which needs it?


This installs the environment (it's a like a Java VM):


Note it does say to disable your antivirus prior to installing "just in case" (although I never had any need).


If you haven't tried doing this first on the Netbook, give it a try with the latest version, not some old file.  


Adobe created something called "captive runtime" which (briefly) is supposed to essentially install the AIR runtime transparently, but it's a fairly new feature so I wouldn't be shocked to hear it isn't perfect (and might be vulnerable to mistakes made on the app developer's part).  That might be a source of your troubles.


Once it's working though, it's pretty cool (from a developer's point of view) and has a lot of potential.  Not denying your issue, but I've never personally seen issues like this.  In any case, posting on Adobe's AIR support forum is a better place for help. smile.png


Edit: You don't need Flash CS5 or anything else like that installed for AIR to work. You might also want to make sure the AIR Application Launcher is the default program for .air extensions and not something else (use "Open With" in context).

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