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Using classes from different projects

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I am working in a huge application using Visual Studio 2008 (more than a thousand classes)


I have one solution with several projects, now I want to create a new project under the same solution, it's a simple cmd application that uses one class (classX) from another project (projectX)in the same solution.


Note ProjectX is a dll


First, I have created a new cmd application using the wizard

Then I have added some additional include directories in the project properties

I have written some code in the main function, that uses the others project class (classX)

I have compiled the code and I get some LNK2019 unresolved external symbol (these symbols are in classX)


What I have to do now? How I include the dll to my new project?

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Did you add the .lib file for the DLL to the additional inputs in the linker section of the project properties?

Yes I did it. Everything was OK but  there was some problem with the Build Configuration, I changed it to Debug and now it's working.

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