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Too easy not to be working ???

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I am using CString, in an attempt to concatenate some fields together. This is my code: char sCompanyCity[19]; char sCompanyProvStat[21]; char sCompanyPostZip[10]; CString sTemp4 (sCompanyCity, 19); CString sTemp5 (sCompanyProvStat, 21); CString sTemp6 (sCompanyPostZip, 10); CString sTemp7 = sTemp4 + ", " + sTemp5 + " " + sTemp6; // this line NOT working I''ve stepped it through debugger, and everything seems to be working fine, except for the last line. The fields sTemp4, 5 and 6 are all populated with city, provstat, and zip. But after the last line sTemp7 only contains the value from sTemp4 (City). Am I missing something painfully easy or what ?!? Thanks for any help, Chris In the mood for a little Fun & Games? Check out Home of Lost Enticer

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