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Ken Fitlike

'On the fly' textures problem

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I''m creating a small texture from a byte array which I fill programmatically. This works fine (simple quad), texture binds, looks ok etc. I reuse the above array and try to repeat the process with a different set of values. This second set is used for a wglFont as opposed to a flat bmp font. This doesn''t seem to work as anticipated. If I make no change to the array contents ie the same array is used for both then the texture maps ok onto both quad and font. Any attempt to change the array values, even if array memory is freed and reinitialised results in the quad being overwritten by the font texture, no texture - even using a completely different array results in failure. I have attempted mipmapped texture and normal texture (for the font): no luck. I still have to retry it with bmps loaded from file (I have got this to work in the past but have not yet tried it with texturing quad and/or font) - I probably should have done that before posting this but I have to go watch a football (that''s ''soccer'' in the USA) match and shout loudly at my tv for the next couple of hours. Any and all suggestions are both welcome and very much appreciated. [3dfx graphics card used (if that''s relevant).]

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