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Ahmed The Beast

[Flash] 2D Multiplayer Game Related Questions

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I have some questions related to the flash game programming in some special cases:


first of all i've been programming in C & C++ for more than 4 years, so am not a newbie, but i got a a game project that needs to be cross-platform and have multiplaying features...


what is the best flash game engine (open source one) for developing a game that needs to have multiplayer features?


what is the best API for developing multiplayer games in flash ( i heard about smartfoxserver)


this is all for the moment,


thanks :)

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Smartfox &  ElectroServer are two options for multiplayer games, or any other socket server you can find via a google search.


It terms of a game engine, there is flixel and flashpunk among others. 


When you say it needs to be cross-platform, that's the part you might need to explain a bit more. What platforms do you need to support ? 

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