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Turn Based Strategy Game AI, the return

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Looks like I let the old thread go so long that it is beyond necroing.  That actually works I suppose as the past few months have seen quite a bit of change in the project.   I have learned quite a bit and even struck off in a different direction than before.


Also, instead of watching a video of the AI as in prior installments, you can try your hand at the AI yourself.  A playable copy of the game can be downloaded from:



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Hello Checkmarkgames,


I skimmed your blog and found it is useful; however, I confused by date and process. I just skimmed! For example, you said that you had to rewrite codes because your sources was messed up by many factors like small roles, influence maps, AI levels, modules and etc.


Anyways, I like to know if you still use influence maps in your Shattered Thrones.


I am working on based turn strategy game for Android phones and tablets. I have three type units: air, ground and sea, so I considered to create air, sea, and ground influence maps. Then program will find out to work all influence maps to make the decisioin. Or I should use potential field to deal the environment. Does your program calculate the influence after one unit moved? or just once in a turn?


I just think to use state driven, units' roles, several influence maps to handle the AI player. I am doing brainstorm for now. I know it is vague


*edited, I typed on my keyboard, and it posted for no reason

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