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Hello From Complete Noob and Initiate

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Thanks everyone for all of the information on these forums. I am a complete beginner, have never done programming before, learning c++. Don't hold back on how foolish you think I am, because I think I'm quite foolish.

Not quite sure if I should post my hello here, but I thought I'd make a post in case there are some "mother earth" type personalities who like to set new people straight and show those who clearly have no understanding of what this industry actually is, even from an eyeball point of view.

One thing I would never dream of doing is coming back to someone for suggestions (otherwise being a completely invaluable person). I will be someone who requires restraint.

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I will look into this more closely, but I'd desperately like to know:

How many people here make money programming games?

How much fun and satisfaction are you getting out of it?

What is the best way to start (assuming you can tell me in just a few specific words, and I'll be consistently moving in that direction on my own, until I understand why) as a programmer who wants to actually enjoy what they do, have a lot of satisfaction, but make money as well?

I've read so many suggestions on why people like or dislike a specific language, why some are less effective, and how to think as a programmer. ie. having a design and then implementing the code.

What I want to know is, what is the definitive way to start, as classified by people who have this in their life. I have less interest in being an expert,
than in being an in-demand programmer who actually does what they want to do most.

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Hey Kjansen92,

OK to answer your questions....

1. I've talked to quite a few people registered with who are programmers in the game development industry, this site is an excellent resource.

2. I love my job. Working for a big publish has it's downsides, but I learn new things every day and help to build fun games - what more could I ask for?

3. Learning C++ is a good way to start. If you want to do this for a living then get a degree. Make your own games - you can start as small as you like, but spend time developing your own.

4. Loving or hating a language isn't really that important. Although there are languages I definitely prefer to work in (C++), they are just tools. Pick the appropriate tool for the appropriate job :) Every game development studio I've worked for uses C++, so it's good to have under your belt. Lots of indie frameworks (MonoGame) and engines (Unity) use C# (or C# like scripting) so that's an important language as well.

I just saw this article post by JackBid in another thread, you should read through it :

Hope that helps! Edited by Capoeirista

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