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New Game - Have 'Graphics' - Need Opinions

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Hey.  I'm new, you're (presumably) not and your time is precious so I'll get straight to the point. 


I need to make a game to complete my game dev course, and I'm up to the point where I need to test my graphical assets.  I've got a blog dedicated to the project which in turn contains information and 2 surveys.  Unfortunately I haven't had enough respondents to those surveys to collect any reliable data so I need more opinions (good, bad, ugly, prone to combustion, etc) - hence my sudden appearance at  So, I humbly request to anyone reading this to go to my blog  at


and complete the surveys - and hey, maybe even subscribe because I'll need opinions when I start beta testing in late April and May. 


Just as some extra info, the game is a puzzle game where you are set levels and you need to get the robot that you are controlling to the end.  This robot can time-travel.

Yes, time-travel is the core mechanic that I'm building everything around

Yes, I've avoided (and in some cases ignored) paradoxes and

No, you don't travel in the robot, you are controlling the robot remotely from another time period.  You see the robot from 3rd person perspective using an 'interdimensional camera'.

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