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Hector San Roman Lanza

GLSL initialize uniform variable with default value

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Hi! I want to initialize my uniform variable in GLSL with a default value, but the program give me an error when I run it:

Fragment code GLSL

uniform vec3 Color = vec3(1.0,0.0,0.0);
out vec3 out_Color;
void main(void){
out_Color = Color;

If I the variable "Color" isn´t a uniform variable, the program works. I need that Color is uniform to change his value from a class.

When I load the material I call this method:



void Color_mat::Load(void)
shader = getParent()->getEngine()->content.Load("Shaders/ColorShader.glsl");
ColorUniformLocation = glGetUniformLocation(shader->ID, "Color");
 ExitOnGLError("ERROR: Could not get the Color uniform location");



And When I draw, i call this method to start drawing the objects:


void Color_mat::Prepare3dDraw(glm::mat4 ModelMatrix)
    glUniform3f(ColorUniformLocation, color.x, color.y, color.z);
    ExitOnGLError("ERROR: Could not set the color");



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