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Player-Wall collision detection in mmo/online server

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[This is related to collisions, so I am assuming this is the correct forum]

Let's assume the following:

  • I have a server which stores the player's position (float x, float y, float z) [Don't worry about precision... just simplifying]
  • Client sends the server it's updated position ever 250ms or so.
  • Server has bounding boxes for all buildings & players ( Let's say each wall has it's own AABB or OBB. Do not assume a "tight" fit)
  • For broad-phase collision detection, I use spatial hashing based on the bounding boxes.
  • Client does full-on triangle level collisions locally.

My question: - How can I quick calculate if a player has passed through a wall on the server only using AABBs or OBBs. Or, is there no way to do that without going to triangle-level collision detection. Maybe some other data structure? Any help would be appreciated - storing something else other than AABBs or OBBs?

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