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Cesare Mainardi

Card game license offered for developing application for tactile devices

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I'm the designer of RoboTroc, a simple but tactical card game which
has been released in France in 2012, distributed in France, Italy and
Belgium and it is available at the BGG store, recently republished by
Magellan in Russia and also by SwanPanasia in Chinese...

More information here:

I think this game could be also very nice on a tablet or tactile phones.

I'm looking for a developer who could develop the application for Android at first and Iphone/Ipad.

cannot afford to pay the development so I offer the license of the game
and its artworks, for this purpose only, for free, and all the earning
from the application will go to the developer. As far as the game is a
very good concept, I guess this could be fair enough...

Please contact me at: contact at cartes-racing dot com
Best regards,
Cesare Mainardi

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