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Torque 3D Awesomium Integration Kit - Update Available

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Just wanted to let everyone know there's been a major update for the Torque 3D Awesomium Integration Kit. If you're already a licensee, head over to your account page and grab it!


If you haven't purchased the kit yet and would like to do so, you can find it in our shop.

The Torque 3D Awesomium Integration Kit is an integration kit for Torque 3D which lets you embed HTML5/Flash in your applications and games. You can use JavaScript to interact with elements in the game from the webpage, which is very useful for ingame terminals like you see in the video below. The bridge is two-way, so you can call JavaScript from Torque 3D, and call TorqueScript from JavaScript.




The update contains a new demo, several feature suggestions (low-performance options, bitmap caches, custom-cursors per page) and a dozen bugfixes.

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