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Please Unlock my thread. No justifiable reason to lock it. Thanks

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Mr.Nayef    122

I started a thread many months ago and when I came back, I saw that is was locked. I had other important matters to uphold and couldn't visit this place for some time. Still, there was no rules that were broken, and the moderator who locked it calling me a spammer is insulting. Still, I'm planning to keep that thread alive and no I am not a spammer, I receieved some many consutructive criticisim and helpful advice, and I took crucial steps to realizing my goal.


Here is the thread.


I tried messaging one of the moderators but I always receive a SQL errors, and couldn't.


I also have many more questions to ask.



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Tom Sloper    16040

Mr. Nayef,

There were 2 reasons I locked that thread, not just 1.


1. You posted links to a school degree website and a very spammy-looking Japanophile-oriented blog/magazine article about a quack with an unhealthy and possibly dangerous lifestyle theory.  This is what made me suspect you were a spammer.  The quack's lifestyle theory had become the focal point of the thread, and then you went away.


2. The thread went inactive for several weeks, then somebody revived it.  I didn't want the thread to be revived, so I locked it.  Nowadays I would not object to reviving an old thread unless more than 7 weeks had passed since the last post.


That was over six months ago. It's certainly not getting unlocked now.  If you have something more to say about Breaking Into The Game Industry (the topic of this forum) then start a new thread. It's not hard.  If you have something to say about some other aspect of the game industry (other than Getting A Game Job (which is what Breaking In means), then please use another forum.

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