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alpha test objects at distance

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I am using instancing to render grass on my terrain, but distant grass objects sort of disappear especially if they are with thin leaves.
What is the common way to handle this problem?

Currently i do this in gbuffer pixel shader:

static const float maxDist    = 7.0f;// max dist from cam
    static const float aRefRange  = 0.392f;
    static const float aRefToAdd  = 0.47f;
    float dstTo      = length(posVS); //cam is at 0,0,0
    dstTo            = clamp(dstTo, 0.0f, maxDist);
    float inRange    = (1.0f - (dstTo / maxDist)) * aRefRange;
    float aRefVal    = inRange + aRefToAdd;
    clip(diff.w - aRefVal);

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