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Code blocks are broken in IE10

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_the_phantom_    11250

As apparently my mail to the mod list was ignored...


Basically the 'code' blocks are utterly broken on IE10 : instead of resulting in a formatted box of text it is reduced to a single line which scrolls off to the right.


The source blocks, as above, work fine but given that 'code' is what the button on the editor produces this isn't very helpful.


So, I ask again; is this known? Is it going to be fixed? If so when?

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Michael Tanczos    5681

Right now there are dozens of bugs related to IE10 and this editor that we're aware of at the moment.   This one is included.   I don't have a fix yet but it seems to be a problem with the prettify syntax highlighting processor from what I understand.


If you set the Standards and Document mode to IE9 does it look right then?   Or actually.. just try again.  I threw in a meta tag that may help.

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