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Zac Andrews

I'm building my own Universe. Do you have one ?

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Hello GameDevers

A few years ago me and a group of friends began building a prototype for a tabletop game.
I was leading the concept, character, universe and fiction design.
Unfortunately the project fell through but I never stopped thinking about the world I started to create.

The main point of this thread was to ask whether any of you are doing the same thing ?

Building an Encyclopedia on a universe that goes far beyond the game you made it for ?

If you have something awesome and want to share then Ill be happy to explore your dream !

Below is a tiny bit about mine. Some stuff is censored, NOT because I think it'll be stolen but because it is still in its infantile stages.

Planes of Origin. - Sci-fi / Fantasy, Inspired by Disc-World

Planes of Origin's galaxy is constructed of fragmented ring worlds revolving around a core that provides light.
The rings lay parallel creating the day/night cycles as they caste shadows onto one another.
These segments previously were part of complete rings that rotated and spun around the core, in a forgotten age when the rings served a forgotten purpose.

I have mapped out 100,000's years worth of events leading the Planes to their current state.
Not to mention the different perspectives/events and religious ideas that each race has about the ring's origins and purposes.

*This may sound familiar to anyone who read my post about  voice acting. I wrote and acted a fake teaser trailer for this universe - click here.

Races -
Each of the 9 segments are home to unique and complex races, all of which have detailed and compelling history's.
With this universe first being intended for tabletop game I made it my goal to rebuild the stereo types of 'fantasy races' and try blending things together to freshen up the genre. there are no orcs ! smile.png  I find that a lot of sci-fi type universe have one united race of hero's fighting of the bigger evil, but just like our own world I wanted to create a place more realistic and full of infighting. There are no good races here, just some good people.

The man-type race in the universe refer to themselves as Kenun, Living on the Ring Segment "Ketekenun"
You could describe the Kenun as World-mongers and consumers.
The Kenun's are like a post WW1 society tinkering with technology far beyond anything we have today.

Civilians living on Ketekenun's surface mostly live in fear as a corrupt government
employees crime syndicates to harvest the streets for people, people to be refined into fuel for their Ectoplasm
powered city's and military hardware.

On the opisite side of the Kenun's ring sector lives various species of beast-men type races.
The placid yet powerfull Sahsi, monks of the hills, land and forests.
The Sahsi are talented in the arts of elemental manipulation,
a power gifted to them by another race in a complex series of events that brought about the end and beginning of multiple species.
I wont detail all 9 races but I have documented 100's of years worth of political,
evolutionary and religious events that intertwine with each other.
World Mechanics -

Among the history and fiction I also had to work out the mechanics and science behind some of the universes characteristics.
But lets not forget this is FANTASY so I am not trying to justify any of the physics !.

Dotted evenly across the segments are towering spires that pierce the sky. These spires allow for travel around rings and between other rings sectors. In order for Races to utilize these, they must have the ability to achieve flight as the docking nest sits at the peak of a 1000m+ tower.

Each race developed around the spires and studied them leaving the origins and beliefs about the universe completely open to perspective. One thing the spires have done to unite the races though is the introduction of a numeric system that is consistent with most the sentient life.
Most of the races derived their numeric systems from the engravings on the spires.

SO that concludes a slither of a preview of my universe. Hopefully sometime in the future I can figure out what to use it for !
I am no game developer so I imagine I may be giving this to someone to help me share it with the world.

Adios ! Edited by Zac Andrews

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Yeah, I have entire universes in my head and a lot are planned out. I take notes in case some day I will want to turn them into games or books or comics or whatever. Eventually I choose one and run with it. But I usually have way more 'planned' for them that's not ever used :) Sometimes it is recycled into ideas into something else I'm working with at the time.


But I have a couple of universes in my head that are very big.


The game I'm working on right now (Legend of Red Dragon Ranch) has a pretty massive universe and story in my head, but the actual implementation of this in the game will be minimal.


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The game I'm working on right now (Legend of Red Dragon Ranch) has a pretty massive universe and story in my head, but the actual implementation of this in the game will be minimal.

Nice !. Got much you can share or all underwraps atm ?

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